The real-life antidote to books on business and management – how it really happens and what should have been done instead!

Posted 27 April 2006 by madprofessor
Categories: Business and Management

I am encouraged to write this blog by my experiences over the last two and a half decades in management and business. During this time I have made many mistakes some right, many wrong, and have observed others doing exactly the same. There are many books on business and management, but many are written by people who have never worked “at the sharp end” and do not focus on what really happens, the decisions that have to be made, how they are made (not how they should be made!) and the consequences.


As this blog builds, I will discuss many real-life business and management situations (personal and corporate identities will not generally be included for obvious reasons) that have occurred over the years. As much to help readers avoid making the same mistakes as I, and others have made and to understand what the better alternative decisions might have been and why.


This is intended as the antidote to current business and management books. I hope you will enjoy and will participate by posting your own experiences and observations about them as well.

Mike Levey